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Ariellah Interview – Part 3

The final portion of Zahara’s interview with Ariellah (April 2012). Thank you again, Ariellah – for sharing your knowledge with us and for taking time to give us your thoughts on our belly-tastic world! More interviews coming from Zahara’s Tangled Web and TransArtisan, LLC. Ariellah Interview – Part 3 from TransArtisan LLC on Vimeo.


Ariellah Interview – Part 2

Here’s more from Ariellah, courtesy of Zahara and TransArtisan, LLC.  The final (third) portion of this interview will be posted later this week! Ariellah Interview – Part 2 from TransArtisan LLC on Vimeo.


Ariellah Interview – Part 1

Ariellah was nice enough to do an interview with me while she was here last month.  This is Part 1 of the interview series.  Stay tuned, because we’ll be sharing interviews with more amazing artists in 2012 – thanks to TransArtisan, LLC for their excellent work!  And yes… it’s little ole Z asking the questions! […]


Carnival Noir on WVXU!

Many thanks to Larry Thomas for this interview on WVXU this past weekend… see you folks at Carnival Noir on Friday, Oct. 22nd at Leapin Lizard Gallery!  Drop me a note if you have questions about tickets.