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5 Ways to Ditch the Haters

Nowadays, they’re called “haters”.  But whether you’re dealing with haters, bullies, Negative Nancy’s, or Poo-Poo Patty’s, it’s upsetting to be on the receiving end of their comments.  How you shield yourself from these people and their influence is critical… not just to your sanity, but to your overall well-being and progress as a dancer. The […]


Post-Show Decompression

Producing a show requires hours of preparation and rehearsing, in addition to taking financial risks and doing everything in your power to make sure the performance is amazing.  Larger shows can take months or an entire year to pull together, and often mean taking on additional stress.  When it’s all over, even when I feel […]


Kami Liddle Weekend RAQ’D!

Over the weekend, we hosted the amazing Kami Liddle here in Cincinnati.  There were 8 hours of workshops, and we wrapped up Saturday with our “Elegant Creature Feature” and performances by many of our area’s best belly dancers.  Kami’s performance was fluid and elegant, with controlled snaps and pops highlighting the accents in her beautiful […]


10 Tips for Balancing Belly Dance & Life

Like many artists, I have experienced the duality of “art life” versus “home life”.  Many of us juggle day jobs, children, spouses/partners, aging parents, and home responsibilities, too.  Belly dancing has been a constant in my life for many years, and has provided welcome stress-relief and emotional support during a divorce, remarriage, switching homes, having […]


5 Big “C’s” of Successful Belly Dancers

While many belly dancers would point to “costuming” and “choreography” as the only two “C’s” that matter in belly dancing, I would like to offer the following five.  Whether you’re a student, teacher, hobbyist, performer or organizer, you should keep these topics in mind when going about your belly dance lives. 1.  Creativity – Being […]


10 Blessings for Belly Dancers

September 11th has become a day of reflection for many of us.  Whether belly dancing occupies a large or small part of your life, here are ten blessings of the dance. 1.  Your Body What I love about belly dancing is that it is beautiful to watch, whether the dancer is old or young… short […]


New Beginnings

A new moon brings with it fresh beginnings, optimism and hope.  This is important, especially for artists. If you’re like most people, you are operating on auto-pilot a lot of the time.  We all get into a routine, where we simply go from one item to the next, following our schedules and doing what’s “expected” […]


Zahara Nominated for RAWards Performer of the Year! :)

Zahara Nominated for RAWards Performer of the Year!  :)

Thank you so much for voting for Zahara’s Tangled Web during the RAWards online polls!  Zahara will be competing in the semi-finals here in Cincinnati at Jefferson Hall (Newport on the Levee) on Thursday, November 15th (7-11pm, $15 in advance).  Visit her RAW profile and feel free to share the link.  Tickets for the semi-finals […]


Zahara at RAW’s June Solstice Showcase!

Zahara is the featured performance artist at June’s RAW Solstice Showcase!  Featuring a blend of narration from Loren Muzzy and Draconia, video magic by TransArtisan and gothic belly dance by Zahara… this is one Dark Red Riding Hood piece you won’t want to miss! The evening also features bands, make-up artists, photography and more by […]


Ariellah Interview – Part 3

The final portion of Zahara’s interview with Ariellah (April 2012). Thank you again, Ariellah – for sharing your knowledge with us and for taking time to give us your thoughts on our belly-tastic world! More interviews coming from Zahara’s Tangled Web and TransArtisan, LLC. Ariellah Interview – Part 3 from TransArtisan LLC on Vimeo.

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