MORIA CHAPPELL (July 22 & 23)

Moria Chappell Indonesia

Moria Chappell returns to Cincinnati in July 2017!

Welcome to the First Annual Elegant Creatures of Belly Dance Weekend! This year, we’re thrilled to have Moria Chappell join us for two days of workshops and our fantastic Saturday show, The Elegant Creature Feature 2017. All events to be held at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center ANNEX Building, located at 6620 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati, OH. Workshop descriptions are listed below the schedule.

Venue: Kennedy Heights Arts Center ANNEX

Saturday, July 22, 2017
9AM – registration opens
10AM-Noon – Tribal Fusion Hula
Noon-1:00 (Lunch)
1-4PM – Odissi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

8PM Elegant Creature Feature 2017, starring Moria Chappell (tickets $15 presale, $20 at the door if not sold out)

Sunday, July 23, 2017
9AM – registration
10AM-Noon – Fine Tuning
Noon-1:00 (Lunch)
1-4PM – Advanced Layering & Shimmy Techniques

Weekend Special $235 (increases to $250 at the door IF space is available)
Daily Presale – $125
Paypal preferred! Send to account zaharastangledweb at gmail dot com (please include your email address, so we can confirm receipt of your payment)

PERFORMERS: To support this educational weekend, we ask that all performers attend at least one full day of classes.

Facebook event page can be found here!

For more information about Moria, visit her website!


TRIBAL FUSION HULA (2 hrs) finds its roots in ancient hula, which was a temple dance performed to extensive chanting and drumming. Its origins can be traced all the way back to India via Thailand, Indonesia, and the Polynesian islands. Moria teaches fundamental hula footwork, hip sways, and hand and arm articulation in its ancient style and then fuses it with avante guard tribal fusion choreography. Tribal Fusion Hula is an excellent way to add mystery, vitality, and great percussion to your dance repertoire.

ODISSI TRIBAL FUSION BELLY DANCE (3 hrs): As a harbinger of this specific style of fusion, Moria was the first to bring these two aspects of movement together and teaches the ways in which she learned, created, and now performs this unique combination of esthetics. Passed from Guru to student for thousands of years, Odissi Indian Temple dance is one of the oldest classical dance forms on Earth. Moria spends time annually in Orissa (the homeland of Odissi) intensively studying and performing this exquisite dance as well as researching and learning weekly from her Indian-born guru in America, Ratna Roy, who was a pupil of the last living Mahari (sacred temple dancer). This Odissi Temple Dance Fusion workshop is designed for you to learn Odissi’s most fundamental combinations and exercises and how they can be applied to your Tribal Bellydance Fusion performance and practice. Learn the body isolations, temple stance, Odissi posture, sacred geometry and mudras of this ancient devotional dance and how it can be applied to modern music and movement.

FINE TUNING (2 hrs) is where techniques and combinations are drilled to improve fluid movements while keeping the hands intentionally placed and expressive, the head and shoulders aligned, and the arms fluid and strong—all the while maintaining strength and control in the hips and abdomen. As the last step in refining your dance, and thus your segue to professionalism, this class focuses on the polished moves that make a dancer exquisite to watch.

ADVANCED LAYERING AND SHIMMY TECHNIQUES (3 hrs) is a workshop designed for the more experienced dancer who is looking to expand her movement vocabulary and push her ability to the max. Topics include musicality in layering; playing different rhythms and tempos within different sections of the body to create orchestrated movement; layering shimmies with precision on virtually every part of the body; and footwork and patterns as part of the layering extravaganza! Advanced Layering & Shimmy Techniques puts together the various drills and traveling-patterns previously learned in order to build control and stamina in layering. Advanced drills will show you how to maintain deliciously crisp isolations while layering 2, 3, or 4 different components of the fundamental moves. Some of the more advanced elements of this workshop include using turns, traveling, and layering movements to culminate in new, advanced combinations. Prior isolation training is helpful but all levels are welcome. Some experience in Tribal Fusion technique is required.